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released March 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Late Nate & the Overdue Books Oregon

It is very important that Late Nate makes a lot of money for The Cause. The more money generated, the larger the surplus. Please continue expanding your mind with this music while you continue expanding my surplus with your money. Please tell your friends to do the same. ... more

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Track Name: Astronaut
I want to be an astronaut, so I can kill myself in space,
Before I leave, I'll rig some bombs and nuke the human race,
I'll masturbate in a space ship while I watch you all burn to death,
While I take off my helmet and breathe my final breath,
If morals are all relative,
Then my actions are incestual,
I'll rub one out in my metal grave and my semen will be celestial,
It will float around alone in space until its vaporized by the sun,
My white hot seed will kill itself after I've killed everyone.
Track Name: Eyelids
When I close my eyes, I see no dreams,
Just the insides of my eyelids,
I think about some awful things,
That you did and that I did,
If I were a pig, I would roll in the mud and shoot myself in the face,
For getting myself dirty and rhyming "face" with "face".
Am I living in a movie?
Is this all a projection?
Are people just a simulation of the myth that is perception?
Are delusions just as real as the things I often see?
Is any of this real, including you and me?
I made an armpit fart so loud that to this day, the sound waves still ripple,
I'll pour a drink and sit outside and put lotion on each nipple,
I'll watch the sun set slowly,
With my butthole on a beehive,
So the bees will sting my stinky butthole,
While I ponder what it means to be alive.
Track Name: Labyrinth
When you dip your wick into the pool of transcendence and confusion,
Only to get lost in the labyrinth of illusions,
You realize that life is just a pathway for pollution,
Like the long, entangled maze of pipes that flush my poop away,
The loneliness can be crippling when you remain unaware,
That you are simply matter, that has realized itself,
Life is just vibrations of particles moving in harmony,
Chair, table, shelf
Track Name: Yang Yang
Yang Yang
Track Name: Three Eyed Goat
Slide down the rainbow through the cosmos to kneel at the throne of the three eyed goat,
Knots in your stomach and tears in your eyes,
Your words will be stuck in your throat,
One nod, two breaths, three eyes, four blinks, and the goat will open your heart,
Before he opens his goat butthole and lets out a long goat fart
Track Name: Be Nice To Your Neighbors And The People You Live Next To
Don't call someone a racial or sexual slur,
Unless it's contextually appropriate,
If you're in good company or are being sexual,
Then it's probably okay to go with it,
But if you're saying it maliciously,
Consider the outcome and perhaps be more tactfully,
And never say something harsh or damaging when arguing indefatigably.
Track Name: It Is Okay To Be Scared (Russian Dolls)
It's okay to be scared,
Just remember that it's only a feeling,
And that you are an organism tagged with a name,
People in your life will disappoint you,
And you will disappoint them too,
Remember that it's important to not project perfection on each other,
And accept each other for who we are,
Superiority is an illusion manifested by the ego,
Ego is a defense mechanism, to preserve feelings to avoid confronting fear,
Everything you see is transitory and we are all going to die someday,
Be kind to each other and be honest with your heart,
Because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.